Tim Truman

Chapter 13 Trustee for Fort Worth, TX


341 Information

The 341 Meeting of Creditors will be held by Zoom video conferencing. All parties must have access to a ‘smart’ phone, laptop, desktop computer, iPad or similar device with a camera. All parties must download the Zoom application to your device prior to the meeting time and date and be familiar with its use. (Go to Zoom or search for 'Zoom' on the App Store to download.)

The Trustee Office will send the Zoom meeting invitation to the Debtor’s Attorney email and to any creditors, that notify the Trustee’s office prior to the scheduled meeting that they will be participating, with the meeting date/time/meeting ID, and password to join the meeting.

Financial Management Course

The Trustee offers all Chapter 13 Debtors assigned to Tim Truman, Trustee a FREE Personal Financial Management Course that satisfies the requirement for a Chapter 13 Discharge. Visit 13Class and sign up using Tim Truman’s Trustee Identifier Number TEN13001.

Judges Docket

Until further notice, all Judges Dockets with Judge Mullin and Judge Morris will be conducted using WebEx, an online video conferencing application. To get a hyperlink to an upcoming hearing, visit here for Judge Morris or here for Judge Mullin. The information on the hearing date will include a link for the WebEx hearing as well as the meeting number and password. At 8:30 a.m. on the hearing date, the Trustees’ office will conduct the docket call. At the conclusion of the docket call, the Judge will enter the courtroom, join the WebEx conference, and hearings will commence.

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