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341 Meetings will be held telephonically rather than an in person hearing at the Office of the Standing Chapter 13 Trustee. To obtain a call in number for a hearing, please email Tawanna Coleman at tawannac@ch13plano.com for instructions.



The mission of the Standing Chapter 13 Trustee's Office is to accurately and efficiently administer Chapter 13 cases assigned to us by the United States Bankruptcy Court, under the supervision of the United States Trustee. We function as a clearinghouse, to receive and disburse funds exactly as prescribed by the Orders of the Court, and to follow through with comprehensive case management that serves all who transact business with our office.

NOTICE: We strongly encourage debtors, attorneys, and creditors to utilize the National Data Center for inquiries in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases. The National Data Center's website is: https://ndc.org and has more reporting capabilities than our website can provide. We will continue to provide access to cases on our website. Please do not hesitate to call our office if you have any questions.


To view emails for sending court documents, please click on the link named emails.

Inquiry Hours:    Monday — Thursday
8:00am – 4:30pm CST

8:00am – 12:00pm CST
(Office closed to the public on Fridays)
Payment Address:    Carey D. Ebert
     Chapter 13 Trustee
     PO Box 628
     Tyler, TX   75710
Correspondence    Carey D. Ebert
Address:    Chapter 13 Trustee
      PO Box 941166
     Plano, TX   75094-1166
Street Address:    500 North Central Expressway
   Suite 350
      Plano, TX 75074
Phone Number:    (972) 943-2580
Email:    Click Here for a List of Email Addresses
Group Extension Numbers:   
Type of Inquiry Extension Location
341 Meetings 598 New Case
Pre 341 Documents 598 New Case
Rescheduling Business Cases 341 Meeting 583 Pre-Confirmation Supervisor
Proof of Claim 583 Pre-Confirmation Supervisor
Creditor Inquiries 583 Pre-Confirmation Supervisor
Foreign language/Sign Language 583 Pre-Confirmation Supervisor
Telephonic Appearances - 341 Meeting 583 Pre-Confirmation Supervisor
341 Meeting Scheduling Conflicts 583 Pre-Confirmation Supervisor
Plans and Modifications 493 or 599 Plans and Mods
Bankruptcy Closing Case 491 Public Info Clerk
IRS Refund 584 Public Info Clerk
Agreed Order 491 Public Info Clerk
Mailed payment Receipt 580 Public Info Clerk
Electronic Payment Receipt (TFS) 580 Public Info Clerk
Motion to Dismiss 491 Public Info Clerk
Delinquent Payment 580 Public Info Clerk
Trustee Report 591 or 494 Paralegal
Confirmation Hearing 591 or 494 Paralegal
Requests to Incur Debt 583 Post Confirmation Supervisor
Wage Withholding 588 Wage Order Manager
Trustee Reconciliation Concerning Claim 596 Administrative Assistant
Website (please email  first) 590 Systems Manager
        2021 Hearing Dates
        2022 Hearing Dates
        Business Case Forms (for self-employed and business related debtors with gross monthly income $10,000 or above)
          Debtor Address Change Form
        Wage Withholding Form
        EFT Form
        Trustee's Final Reports
        Confirmation Orders
        Modification Orders
        Loss Mitigation Web Portal Announcement
        Resources for Loss Mitigation
        United States Trustee Program: National Mortgage Settlement
        Office of Mortgage Settlement Oversight
        Executive Committee of the State Attorneys General
          NACTT Academy
    Debtors with limited English proficiency may request, free of charge, the use of a telephone interpreter service for their §341 meetings to be held in the Chapter 13 Trustee's meeting room. If this service is required, please contact your attorney or our office at least two weeks before your scheduled §341 meeting.




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