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    The Standing Chapter 13 Trustee, Carey D. Ebert, requests that attorneys use the following e-mail addresses to send documents to the Trustee’s office:
    3015-c Declaration of Post-Petition Obligations
    Amended Schedules
    Bank Statements
    Direct Payment Obligations
    Domestic Support Obligations
    Evidence of Income
    Miscellaneous Documents
    Operating Reports
    Proof of Expenses
    Proof of Insurance
    Proposed Orders
    Tax Returns
    Wage Withholding Orders
    All other documents not listed above
    PLEASE NOTE: All e-mails must have ONLY the 7-digit case number in the Subject line.
For example,
Subject: 1640099.

All e-mails must have at least one PDF attachment. You may send multiple PDFs in one e-mail, but each PDF should be for one case and one type of document.

Any e-mail that does not have a 7-digit case number or at least one PDF attached will not be processed.

For every e-mail that you send, an e-mail acknowledging receipt will be returned to you. If you do not receive a receipt acknowledgement, you should assume your e-mail was not received by this office.