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Office Hours: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
  Monday - Friday
Office Address: PO Box 51109
  Kalamazoo, MI  49007
Plan Payments: Make payments payable to:
  Barbara Foley, 
  Chapter 13 Trustee
  ~Include your Name and Case Number~
Payment Address:   Barbara Foley, Standing Trustee
    P.O. Box 1818
    Memphis, TN 38101-1818
Phone Number: 269-343-0305
Fax Number: 269-343-5915




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Chapter 13 Inquiry

If attorneys would like to
meet in Grand Rapids to
discuss Grand Rapids cases, please call the Trustee's office to schedule a meeting with Barbara Foley.



Documents and/or pleadings needed for any Motion Day should be received by our office no later than noon of the day preceding the Motion Day. After noon, the Trustee and/or Staff Attorneys do not guarantee that the documents and/or pleadings will be reviewed. Outstanding issues must be resolved by noon of the day preceding Motion Day. The Trustee, Staff Attorneys or case analysts may not take telephone calls regarding a Motion Day after noon of the day preceding the Motion Day.

Our office has instituted a new procedure regarding Debtor refund requests. The requests must now be done by Stipulation with Notice & Opportunity to Object and should be served on the matrix. After our office receives the Order, we will print the refund. The requested funds will be reserved during this process.

Delinquency Disclaimer: On Pay Schedules tab, any amount designated as "forgiven" is for internal use only for delinquency reporting purposes. This does not mean the arrearage amount does not have to to paid into the plan.


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