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      NOTICE: 13Network Update
If you are a debtor seeking information about your Chapter 13 case we urge you to visit www.ndc.org to set up your user ID and password. A link to the National Data Center is provided below.


Payment Address:    William E. Heitkamp, Chapter 13 Trustee
      PO Box 740
    Memphis, TN  38101-0740
Phone:    (713) 722-1200  
Available Call Hours:   Monday - Friday from 8:30-4
Fax:    (713) 722-1211
To Obtain a Login and Password:   Attorneys and Creditors needing a login 
and password should call our office and 
dial -0- to request the information
from the Receptionist.
Technical Support Only :   Ext. - 3435 - Christopher
Phone Calls are
Directed as Follows
  Wage Orders -
All calls should be directed to the operator.
All emails should be directed to Barbara at
    ACH/EFT - Ext - 3431 - Mary
     For inquiries on cases that have not had a
     creditors meeting-
    Ext - 3421 - Barbara (Dept. Supervisor)
      If you have received a notice of creditors 
      meeting, the paralegal you need to speak 
      with is listed in the DATES section of the 
    specific case you are calling about. Please 
    log in and look up the case to see which 
    extension listed below you need to call.
    If there is not a name in the case yet, you 
    may call the department Supervisor.
    If you can not log in you may dial -0- and the 
    Receptionist will direct your call.
    Dawn H. (Dept Supervisor - Pre-Confirmation)
    Janet (Dept. Supervisor - Post-Confirmation)
    Maria  (Sr. Paralegal - Mods)
    Rosie   (Mods)
    Ainjel  (Mods)
    If you are calling in regards to an Ongoing Monthly Mortgage Payment being paid by the Trustee, please call:
    Michelle (Dept Supervisor)
      Debtors and Creditors calling on confirmed cases,
      press 6 and your call will be taken by the first
      available representative.
      For Payoff Request, please email Marlise O’Brien at & see ‘Payoff Instructions’ under ‘Other Links’
      PLEASE NOTE, more representatives are available
      to take your call between the hours of 8:30 AM and 12:00 PM.
      Your wait should be shorter if you call during these hours.