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If you are an individual NOT eligible for wage deductions and would like an electronic option for making your Chapter 13 Plan payments, the Trustee’s office now accepts plan payments made electronically through a service called TFS Bill Pay.


If you are an individual that is eligible for wage deductions, you may use the E-pay option for the following:

  • To make your first three plan payments and any additional payments until your wage deduction goes into effect;
  • To make plan payments when you are in between jobs, but you must submit a wage directive form once you start a new job;
  • To make catch-up payments to bring your case current for any reason;
  • To make Interlocutory Order (I/O) payments; or
  • To send non-plan payments to the Trustee's office, such as an IRS Refund or other proceeds.


If you would like to find out more about TFS Bill Pay, or are interested in signing up to make your plan payments electronically (non-wage earners only), please visit www.tfsbillpay.com, send an email to support@tfsbillpay.com, or call (888) 729-2413. You will have the option to set up recurring monthly payments. Please note there is a fee associated with this service (see Tour the Site on their website).


For more information and to register with TFS, please click this link: www.tfsbillpay.com