Welcome to Lisle
Office Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  Monday - Thursday
8:00 am - 3:30 pm
Correspondence Glenn B Stearns
Address: Chapter 13 Trustee
  801 Warrenville Road
  Lisle, IL 60532
Payment Glenn B Stearns
Address: PO Box 2368
  Memphis,   TN  38101-2368
Phone Number: (630) 981-3888
 Fax Number: (630) 981-3896
E-Mail: www.lisle13.com
Information: Monthly disbursements will be made on or about the second
Friday of each month.  Any correspondence directed to this office
must indicate debtor(s) name and case number.
Certain information must be submitted to the Trustee's office
in writing:   Change of address, change of employment or
employer's address, request for payoff figure [allow 30 days
to process], request for purchase of vehicle or real estate
[allow 30 days to process].
Trustee's reports of receipts and disbursements are sent to debtor's and their attorneys every six months.  The schedule is as follows:
Debtor last name:
A-C  April and October;
D-G  May and November;
H-K  June and December,
L-N  January and July;
O-Si  February and August;
Sj-Z   March and September.





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Debtor Attorneys: Please complete the Website Access Request Form by going to our site and tapping Online Case Information and then Website ID / Password Request for Attorneys. Please send an email with the completed, initialed and signed attached form to mcguckin_m@lisle13.com to obtain your new access to the NDC website.
Creditors: Please visit the NDC to set up your online access.
Debtors: Please visit the NDC to set up your online access to case informaton.

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