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  WARNING: The trustee’s office will NEVER
call you REQUESTING personal information
or DEMANDING you to make a payment.
All of our correspondence will be done
through US Mail or via electronic means such
as e-mail.
If you receive a suspicious telephone call
or e-mail, you should contact your attorney
Office Hours:    9:00am to 5:00pm
Correspondence    55 East Monroe St., Suite 3850
Address:    Chicago, IL   60603
Payment    Tom Vaughn, Trustee
Address:    P.O. Box 588
     Memphis, TN 38101-0588
Phone Number:    (312) 294-5900
 Fax Number:    (312) 341-7168
   January 1, 2020
Tax Return Policy
   Trustee will no longer recommend plans that require debtors to turnover tax refunds each year to trustee. Instead, where it is anticipated that debtor will receive a refund in excess of $1,200 trustee will expect to see the refund pro rated on Schedule I. If it is not pro rated, then trustee will expect to see plan payments increased by the pro rated amount of the refund.

Debtors who are not proposing 100% repayment to unsecured creditors shall be required to turnover copies of their federal income tax returns each year to trustee. The language below is to be inserted in Part 2.3 of the plan on the last line after checking the box.
   Debtor(s) shall submit a copy of their federal income tax return
to the Trustee each year, beginning with the tax return for the tax year in which this case was filed, no later than April 20th.
Attorney Email: Staff Attorneys are currently assigned
to the following judges:
  Judge Cassling
Nora Matranga
  Judge Schmetterer
Ben Kahn
  Judge Doyle
Leodis McCray
  Judge Cox
Mark Wheeler
  Please listen carefully as our menu options have recently changed. Please call 312-294-5900 if you need to speak directly to any staff attorney.
  Filing Instructions
PLEASE NOTE: Beginning 9/1/2019, we will no longer accept taxes and related items via email. All documents submitted to the Trustee will need to be submitted via our portal. To access the portal, you will need a login and password which can be requested by sending an email to . You will receive a confirmation email which includes a link to the portal.

If you are a debtor attorney requesting a login, please include the law firm’s name and one of your case number when making your request. If you are a Pro-Se debtor requesting a login, please include your case number and state that you are representing yourself.

Please note that the Trustee will only accept the following documents via the portal:
  • 341 Pre Confirmation Taxes (combine taxes)
  • Pay Stubs
  • DSO Declaration
  • Post Confirmation Annual Taxes

Questions or concerns for the Trustee can be e-mailed to:
(No Attachments Please)

  The trustee's office offers an approved Personal Financial Management Instructional Course that is now required for discharge under the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005. This course is available, free of charge, only to debtors assigned to this office. Please arrive at 9:45 am Monday – Thursday; the office is closed on federal holidays. Class begins at 10am and ends at 12pm. Registration is not necessary.





More than 1 returned item may result in you being blocked from the e-Pay system
Pay by Phone  
Number: (877)-495-7971

Effective February 21, 2019 Chapter 13 Inquiry will migrate
to the NDC.

Debtor Attorneys: Please send a request at NDCInquiry@tvch13.net with your law firm name and case number to setup your account at NDC.

Creditors: Please visit NDC to get setup with login.

Debtor Access
Please sign up with NDC for access to your case information by clicking here:


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