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Dear Internet Users:

Thank you for your overwhelming response in using our Internet web site.  It appears that most of you have been able to extract useful Chapter 13 case data.

Please be reminded of the following information:

  1. The site is updated daily with the previous day's activity.   It is normally updated by no later than 10:00am ET.
  2. When a debtor mails a payment to our bank lockbox, time must be allowed for mail delivery (2-3 days), plus time for the bank to deposit and post payments into our bank lockbox (1 day), plus time for us to post lockbox payments into the Chapter 13 system in our office (1 day).
  3. Normally debtor payments received from our bank lockbox on one day are posted the same day.  However, debtor payments can be heavy during the month so that at times, not all debtor payments received can be entered in the same day.  
  4. The data on the Internet site could be as many as two (2) days old toward the end of the calendar month during the time that we are updating the system for debtor disbursements.
  5. The web site can be shut down at our discretion.  Most of the time we have a message denoting that the web site is down and an approximate time that it will be available.
  6. Occasionally the web site can be down without our notice.  This normally means that the web hosted site or your Internet service provider is experiencing problems. Please wait a short period of time and retry logging back in to the web site before calling our offices.
  7. Status Reports can be printed in LANDSCAPE mode.  This is in the same format that we would have faxed to you.
  8. Proofs of Claim should be entered electronically at the Bankruptcy Clerk’s web site www.ncwb.uscourts.gov
  9. Debtors should be advised to use the National Data Center web site (NDC) for access to their case data. The data on this web site is normally one (1) day behind our office’s live data.
  10. Be advised that there is useful information and links to other web sites located on our Home Page.

Remember that use of the Internet site is intended to be an extension of the services that our offices can provide to the attorney and creditor communities.  It is recommended that Internet information utilized to execute a legal proceeding be confirmed with our office staff that has access to real time data.


In addition, we would appreciate that you designate a primary and secondary contact in your office for coordination with our offices regarding Internet problems or questions.  We expect each office utilizing the Internet site to advise and train your staff in its use.  We would also appreciate each office that has certain staff with Internet access and certain staff without Internet access to devise procedures within your office to accommodate use of the Internet site.         (Rev 10/4/10)