ANNETTE C. CRAWFORD, Chapter 13 Trustee

Website Access

Please read the following information and then click on the link below.

The Trustee is a duly appointed Chapter 13 Standing Trustee for the Middle District of Louisiana, vested with the duties as set forth in  USC Section 1302(b).  The Trustee permits approved internet access to the user for the purpose of viewing and inspecting files of debtors for selected information regarding receipts and disbursements of funds.

The User desires Internet access to view and inspect these selected files.  The User is a creditor within the meaning of 11 USC 101(10),   legal counsel for such a creditor, a debtor within the meaning of 11 USC 101(13), or legal counsel for a debtor.

Use is provided solely for the use of User  for the sole purpose of viewing and inspecting the information regarding receipts and disbursements of funds and User shall neither make nor attempt to make any data entry changes or modifications to any record or data.  User will not access any information to which User is not an interested party.  User hereby expressly agrees that it will not use nor allow the use of records, data or information obtained through the Internet access for the purpose of solicitation or any other use or practice not specifically permitted by this agreement.  User will not resell or distribute or provide this information to any other person, firm, company or entity.

User shall and hereby agrees to indemnify the Trustee for, and to hold Trustee harmless from any claims, demands, suits, damages or costs, of any kind, arising out of or relating to use and access provided under this Agreement, caused or claimed to be caused by any act or failure of User.

The Trustee hereby expressly disclaims any representation or assurance concerning the accuracy, completeness or substantive nature of any data to which access is being provided and User hereby acknowledges this disclaimer and waives any claim or reliance upon such representations or assurances.  The Trustee shall not be liable in any manner for any error, inaccuracy or incomplete information contained in the records for which access is provided, and User hereby expressly releases the Trustee from any claim, demand or suit arising from or as a result of any such error, inaccuracy or incomplete information.

The Trustee makes no representation that the data and information available by accessing the Trustee's Website will be admissible in Court as a Hearsay exception pursuant to Rule 803 of the Federal Rules of Evidence.

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