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Office Hours: 8am - 4pm
  Monday - Friday
Office Address: Douglas B. Kiel
  Standing Chapter 13 Trustee
  4725 S. Monaco St., Suite 120
  Denver, CO  80237
 Payment Address: Douglas B. Kiel
    Standing Chapter 13 Trustee
    PO Box 2282
    Memphis, TN  38101-2282
Phone Number: 720-398-4444
Fax Number: 720-398-4445
Judge Romero -  (even numbered cases)
Judge Romero - (odd numbered cases)
Judge Brown - 
Judge McNamara - (No new HRT cases are being filed)
    Judge Tyson - 
Judge Rosania -  
Applications To Incur New Debt - 
Stipulations Regarding Motions For Relief From Stay - 
Important Info:   Due to the lack of security in sending information via email, it is the policy of the Trustee to not accept any documents via email that may contain personal and confidential information pertaining to a case. The preferred method of delivering documents is using the Trustee's secured FTP (file transfer protocol) site. Log-in to the site will require a username and password unique to each attorney/firm. Debtor attorneys are encouraged to contact at the Trustee's Office with their name/firm name and the email address they'd like used for email notifications. A username and password will be generated and sent to them, along with instructions on how to set up/use the FTP site. 
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Chapter 13 Inquiry

If you are a party in interest to a Chapter 13 case and wish to access the Chapter 13 Inquiry, please click on the Web Access Agreement link below.

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