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Recommended Tax Refund Language for Plans:

The Debtor(s) shall provide the Trustee with copies of State and Federal tax returns for the years designated below within 15 days of filing the returns (and shall timely file the returns on or before April 15 of each year due).  No later than June 1st of each year, the Debtor(s) shall pay into the plan the amount of refunds exceeding $______(the amount already pro-rated on Schedule I, if any) for each of the designated years  The tax refund payments will be in addition to, not a credit against, the monthly payments required to be paid under the plan.     The Debtor(s) shall not make any change to the amount of annual tax withholdings under the W-4 statement(s) existing as of the date of the petition without 30 days prior notice to the Trustee.

This commitment covers tax years: